Valve Stem Oil Seal

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The Valve Stem Oil Seal (#90913-02104), an integral part of the Camshaft & Valve system in Toyota vehicles, primarily prevents oil leakage into the combustion chamber. It functions by forming a seal around the valve stem, allowing it to fulfill its intended purpose while the engine is operating. Genuine Toyota Auto parts, like the Valve Stem Oil Seal (#90913-02104), are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle. Just like any other part, Valve Stem Oil Seal (#90913-02104)s can age and become less effective over time. If the seal becomes old, clogged or broken, it can compromise the functioning of the engine by allowing oil to seep into the combustion chamber. This can lead to problems like reduced engine performance and increased emissions. By using genuine Toyota parts, you're backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Valve Stem Oil Seal (#90913-02104) is critical for the efficiency and safety of your vehicle, preventing oil leakage and maintaining optimal engine performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90913-02104

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