Breather Plug

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The Breather Plug (#90930-03129), a crucial component in Toyota’s Drive-Chassis Front Axle Housing & Differential and Rear Axle Housing & Differential systems, plays a primary role in maintaining optimal pressure balance within these systems. During operation, the Breather Plug (#90930-03129) allows the systems to vent excess pressure, while preventing debris and contaminants from infiltrating the systems. This auto part is designed for compatibility with genuine Toyota systems and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Periodic replacement of the Breather Plug (#90930-03129) is essential, as an old or clogged plug can inhibit pressure venting, leading to potential system damage or failure. Conversely, a dysfunctional plug could allow harmful contamination, impairing system performance and safety. Ultimately, the Breather Plug (#90930-03129) contributes significantly to the efficiency, longevity, and safety of Toyota's axle housing and differential systems by maintaining a clean and balanced operational environment.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90930-03177
Part Number 90930-03129

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