Hub Nut with Washer

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The Hub Nut with Washer (#90942-01122) is a vital Drive-Chassis part of the Disc Wheel & Wheel Cap system in Toyota vehicles. Its primary function is to securely fasten the wheel bearings and hub onto the axle. In operation, it ensures the seamless rotation of the wheels while maintaining the alignment and balance of the vehicle. Over time, this component may wear out, become loose or corroded, risking the vehicle's stability and smooth operation. When this happens, it's essential to replace it with a genuine part. Toyota's authentic parts are not only compatible with your vehicle but also come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Hub Nut with Washer (#90942-01122) is an integral part of vehicle safety and driving efficiency, and its proper maintenance enhances the overall performance of your Toyota vehicle. A well-maintained hub nut ensures smooth wheel rotation, contributing to an efficient and safe driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90942-01122

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