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The Clamp (#90929-01444), an integral part of Toyota's Engine-Fuel Fuel Injection System and Vacuum Piping system, serves a critical role in securing fuel lines and vacuum hoses. True to its name, it operates by clamping onto these components, maintaining their positioning and ensuring optimal fuel or air flow. Should the Clamp (#90929-01444) become worn, damaged, or non-functional, it can lead to leaks or disconnection, posing a risk to vehicle performance and safety. We stress the importance of replacing this component periodically to prevent such issues. Remember, using genuine Toyota parts not only ensures compatibility but is also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In summary, the Clamp (#90929-01444) maintains the integrity of fuel injection and vacuum pipe systems, contributing significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90929-01444

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