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The Hub Bolt (#90942-02081), essential to the Drive-Chassis Front Axle Hub and Rear Axle Shaft & Hub systems in Toyota vehicles, performs a crucial role. This part secures the wheel hub, the assembly that houses the wheel bearings, to the vehicle's axle, ensuring smooth and safe operation while driving. Comprised of high-strength steel, the hub bolt is designed to withstand substantial stress, but like all automotive parts, it can wear down over time. If the Hub Bolt (#90942-02081) becomes worn or damaged, it may lead to issues such as uneven tire wear, vibrations while driving or even catastrophic wheel failure if not addressed. Remember, using genuine Toyota parts, like the Hub Bolt (#90942-02081), not only enhances compatibility with your vehicle but also comes under Toyota's comprehensive genuine parts warranty. Replacing the hub bolt periodically maintains the efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle's wheel assembly.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90942-02081

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